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Our bestseller model suits users of all ages who are looking for a customizable solution for their space limitations. The Splendid combination furniture works both as a bed and desk, it’s available in most mattress sizes and features a top shelf to save even more space.

Wondering the size of the desk? It’s the same size of a single/twin bed so there’s desk space to spare.

Two Rooms in One!

Single Horizontal

Height: 58″

Width: 81.5″

Depth: 38″

Projection: 44″



Color Options

Double Horizontal

Height: 69″

Width: 81.5″

Depth: 41″

Projection: 59″



Color Options

Queen Horizontal

Height: 75″

Width: 86.25″

Depth: 43″

Projection: 65″



Color options


Single Vertical

Height: 87″

Width: 45″

Depth: 44″

Projection: 80″



Color Options

Double Vertical

Height: 87″

Width: 60″

Depth: 44″

Projection: 80″



Color Options

Queen Vertical

Height: 91″

Width: 66″

Depth: 46″

Projection: 84″



Color options


*Tax not included in prices

**Please note the mattress is not included in the price

***Please contact us for shipping cost


 Projection is measured from the wall.

This is the total distance into the room, from the wall, that the bed occupies .

HiddenBed installation guide, click here.

Stylish, Elegant & practical, turn your space into multipurpose room with our premium & reliable Vertical or Horizontal HiddenBed

Vertical HiddenBed

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